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Safety Tips
  • Don't leave a key outside your home even if you think it's well hidden

  • Leave a light on in your home after you retire for the night.

  • Deadbolt locks should be used on all doors.

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What Brands of Security Systems Can WATCHDOG Monitor?
Most brands, including: Ademco,
G.E., ADT, DSC, DTI, First-Alert Professional, Moose, Napco, Nu-tech, Radionics, Silent-Knight, Sentrol, and most others. Sorry, we do not provide monitoring service for any "voice dialers".

This means that, in most every case, no changes (apart from re-programming the telephone number of the monitoring station alarm receiver to be dialed) need be made to the security system already installed at your premises.

While most alarm dealers install "industry standard" equipment such as the above brands, you may not recognize the brand used in your installation because the installer has installed a "private label" version which still operates the same as those listed above. We can monitor most "private label" equipment, too.

Some alarm dealers, most commonly larger national companies, sometimes install incompatible "proprietary" equipment with the effect of preventing you from having your security system monitored by anyone else.

To preserve your options, if you are considering the purchase of a security system, we suggest you make certain that the equipment to be installed is not "proprietary", that you obtain from the dealer the "master program code" and the "lockout code" for your system, and that you verify that the dealer has not placed into your security system a "local-programming lockout" virus.

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