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How Alarm Monitoring Services Work

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Safety Tips
  • Don't leave a key outside your home even if you think it's well hidden

  • Leave a light on in your home after you retire for the night.

  • Deadbolt locks should be used on all doors.

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How Alarm Monitoring Works
You program your security system's digital communicator (we can help) to dial the telephone number of, and to report its alarm signals to, an alarm receiver in our monitoring station. Your security system is connected to one of your regular telephone lines at your premises for this purpose, usually by being plugged into a device called an RJ31X telephone jack.

When an alarm condition occurs, your security system "seizes" your telephone line from your telephone instruments, dials the telephone number of the alarm receiver connected to our monitoring station, transmits to the receiver digital data identifying your system's account number and alarm condition, then releases your telephone line. The telephone company's nominal transport charges for calls to our monitoring station or alarm receiver are recorded on your telephone bill.

Upon our receipt of an alarm signal from your security system, dispatchers in our monitoring station will

  • telephone the alarm location (your home or business) first, to help avoid false alarms and to verify (by asking for the secret password you have chosen) the alarm condition (if your system has the 2-Way-Voice feature, we may utilize it instead of a telephone call), then, if necessary,
  • telephone the Authorities (police, fire, etc) to advise them of the alarm condition, and then
  • telephone and notify the first available person on the Call-List of names (yourself, neighbors, employees, etc) and telephone numbers you have supplied us.

Should this standardized notification procedure not be appropriate for your needs, our monitoring automation system allows us to customize our response to fit your varied needs.

We also provide special WATCHDOG door/window warning decals for your premises.

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