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  • Don't leave a key outside your home even if you think it's well hidden

  • Leave a light on in your home after you retire for the night.

  • Deadbolt locks should be used on all doors.

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Wireless or Hardwire?
Security systems are usually either "wireless" or "hardwire" type, depending on the type of sensors they use. Some "hybrid" systems may allow use of both types of sensors. Which type of system is best for your application depends on several factors. Our experience has generally been that good quality equipment, of either type, carefully installed in accordance with its manufacturer's instructions, can provide reliable function with a minimum of false alarms. Here is a comparison of types:

Wireless - The sensors (door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc) each contain a small radio-frequency transmitter which reports alarm signals (door opened for example) and status (sensor battery voltage low for example) conditions to the security system's control panel. Wireless equipment is more costly, but takes less labor time to install, and each sensor has a battery (often 9 volt type) which must be replaced (in most cases by you) about every one to three years. In theory, a wireless security system may be re-located to a new location should you move; in practice, this is rarely done. Some good brands: First Alert Professional, Ademco - Vista series, ITI, and others.

Hardwire - The sensors are physically connected by wires (often 22 gauge) to the security system's control panel. Hardwire equipment is less costly, takes more labor time to install (especially if you want the wires concealed), and is permanently installed. Some good brands: First Alert Professional, Ademco - Vista series, Sentrol/Moose, DSC, and others.

Both types - of security systems usually have a standby battery located in the control panel which allows the system to operate for a period of time following a power outage or brownout. The standby battery is commonly a 12-volt gell-type with a three to five year life.

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